Currently Obsessed: Urban Flora

I would like to introduce you all to the first post of my first weekly series: Currently Obsessed. Every Monday I will write about something that I am currently obsessed with. It can be about anything, from music to TV shows, products that I use, food, drinks. I think this will allow you all to get a sense of who I am and the things I like. I’m not sure how many weeks I will run this segment. Everything is still in the experimenting stages. So without further ado, this week I am currently obsessed with:

Urban Flora


Urban Flora is an EP by artists Alina Baraz & Galimatias. I first discovered the album about a month or so ago. I’d heard a few of the songs pop up on my Jhene Aiko Pandora station, & when I got my free trial subscription of Apple Music, I searched and streamed the album & I fell in love instantly.

All of the songs have such a soothing and calm quality. Apple puts it in the Electronic genre, but it doesn’t quite feel that way to me. It’s the kind of album I want to listen to while I soak in an aroma therapy bubble bath, or when I’m winding down from a long day with a glass of wine, or if I’m trying to seduce my significant other. It’s the kind of music that makes you feel good. It’s sexy without being overtly sexual. The songs on the album do have bits of Electronic runs, but it’s done in such a subtle and mellow way. It’s the kind of music that you just can’t get tired of, lyrically and musically. I’ve been listening to it non stop for at least a month now, & I still discover something new every time.

Embedded above is the first song I heard from the album, the song that prompted me to listen to the rest of the album. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

later lovebugs

I’m a man with a plan

Not literally a man, obviously. But I do have a plan. I’m starting to have pages and pages of plans & it feels so so good. Today I printed out monthly and weekly blog planners. I’ve enlisted a specific binder and notebook just for my blog & I pre-planned a few weeks ahead. I have an actual schedule of everything I want done on specific days. I’m hoping this structure will help me to stay persistent with my writing and my blogging. Before today  my blogging strategy was non existent. I would just pick a random time on a random day & decide I needed to post something. It would take me up to 30 minutes to rattle out a post and just hope for the best. Hence the reason maintaining this blog has been such a struggle for me. I had no structure, I kept letting life just happen and using it as an excuse to slack on my writing. If I ever want this to be a fraction of what I’m hoping to accomplish, I need to treat this as something important, because it is, and set aside time to do this and to do it well. So today I made a plan, & I’m excited to see how everything comes together.

p.s. I also made my first attempt at photography an photo editing today, making progress :)

Ditching my Niche

I’m going back to the basics. I’ve changed my theme back to something more simple. I think it will help me tremendously to stop trying to be an online magazine and go back to being a blog. That’s what I need right now. It’s all semantics anyways. I’ve also changed my logo and color scheme. It’s a bit darker than it was before, but I think it’s fitting. & my logo is much more simplistic.

My hope for Beauty Marks was to be a health and beauty website of sorts, but with the focus mainly being on inner beauty. I want to lose the whole idea of beauty and lean more towards empowerment. My hope is only to leave my mark in the blogging community, and I hope my stories and publications empower others not to be afraid to leave their own beauty marks. To find their own bliss.

Because really that’s been my goal all along, to just share my story and be happy. So I’m ditching my niche. This isn’t a beauty blog. This is a me blog. & I’ll write about whatever I damn well please. So please check out the changes, there are more to come. I love all compliments and criticism. & stay tuned.

later lovebugs.

I Have Commitment Issues

That’s my issue. I used to think I was just a procrastinator. But I don’t procrastinate little things, that don’t take much time or effort. I procrastinate huge things, like getting my license. It took my years to just go and do it. Nothing was stopping me, I just wouldn’t go. I’ve been procrastinating going back to school. I’ve been procrastinating working on this website. & I think it boils down to my unwillingness to commit. I can’t ever seem to force myself to commit to anything big or life changing.

So I apologize for my absence. I have no excuses. But I am going to start putting in the effort. I’ve been struggling lately, with life and everything that life involves. I can’t even say that I lost focus, because I thought about writing every day that I haven’t. I wanted to write, I just wouldn’t.

In part, it’s because every time I get this site to look the way I thought I wanted it to look, I change my mind about what I want. Where am I going with this? What are my intentions and my goals? & I went about this very professionally. I devised a business plan that I spent months working on. I drafted layouts, I brainstormed articles. & it’s still not what I hoped it’d be. & if I’m going to commit to something, I want it to be exactly how I envision. If I am going to put my blood, sweat, and tears into this I need to be happy about the way it is. & I know perfection is unattainable but I’m still missing something.

I’m afraid. I’m scared to put my all into something and have it fail. What if my best work is only mediocre? What if I do this for five years, and end up in the same position in which I started? But for now, I am letting go of all that anxiety and I am going to focus on committing to this. So there’s going to be more construction going on while I figure out what I need this to be. But I am committing this time.



In my journey towards healthiness, one of my biggest faults is my inability to stick with a challenge. I’m very impatient, and I sometimes lack drive. I have begun so many fitness challenges, and about the halfway mark I just get bored of it and stop. I don’t think there has been a time in my life where I completed one of those “30 day abs challenge” or “get fit in 3 months!”

I’m not a very athletic person at all. I didn’t play sports in high school. Running until I can’t feel my legs is about as much as I can do. & that wasn’t even because I enjoyed running, it was more so therapeutic for me. Starting a challenge is not the hardest part, anyone can do that. It’s your ability to follow through that matters. The ability to stick with something, even if you’re not rewarded for completion, you should do what you said you would do, just because you said you would do. Learn to keep your word, not just to other people, but to yourself.

Another bad habit I have is setting deadlines for myself and then not meeting them. It falls into the same category. I’ve become comfortable with letting myself down because there are no  real  consequences. It all boils down to perseverance. The dictionary definition of the word is:

steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

& I think that just means to keep pressing forward. Even when it gets difficult, or boring, or you just rather spend your time doing something else. You owe it to yourself to accomplish your goals, to be great, to achieve something, to conquer a challenge. Think of how far you could be if you completed all your goals in the time you set for yourself. Even if you don’t complete it on time, but your steadily working on it, that’s perseverance. We all have the ability to be successful, whatever that may mean to you, you can get there.


I’m a Real Big Fan of Mine

I wrote an article some time ago about learning to enjoy your own company. I just wanted to expand on that a bit in this article. Aside from learning how to be alone, I think it is healthy to learn how to appreciate yourself, and your work. There is not a doubt in my mind that I am my number one fan. I am also my biggest critic. I’m so hard on myself because I expect so much of myself. I don’t allow myself to do anything in a mediocre manner. If I’m going to do something I put my absolute all into it, and because of that, I’m my biggest fan; because I know that when I produce something, it’s the best that I could possibly make it.

There’s no excuses, but this is part of the reason that I haven’t written in a while. I’ve had so much happening in my personal life, I was never in the right mindset to produce my best work, so I just didn’t. & that’s something that I have to learn to work on myself. Don’t be discouraging, uplift yourself, reward yourself for a job well done. Be more than confident in yourself and your abilities, it’s ok to be just a tad bit conceited ;)

I want all my readers to love themselves SO much, that your jealous of the people in your lives. Think about the fact that you don’t get to ever get to experience the joy of seeing you walk through a room after a long day, you don’t get the privilege of laying eyes on you. Others get to experience that, & they’re so lucky that they have the opportunity to let you be apart of their life. I want all my readers to think about the person that loves you the most. Then multiply that by 100. I want you to love yourself that much. I want you to love yourself more than that. That’s beauty. Exuding confidence is such a beautiful thing. & I want that for all of you. You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t even believe in  yourself enough to root for your own success, why should anyone else?


The Transition Has Begun

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I have been doing some behind the scenes work. There are new pages, categories, menus, and a new theme. Within the next few weeks I’ll begin the transition to hosting my own website, and I’ll be working out all the kinks and details. Any […]


Well, my charger for my laptop burned out on me. & my laptop is dead, like always. That’s probably why my charger bailed on me. I overused the poor thing. So I’m forced to take a hiatus because in my personal opinion, I don’t deliver quality content via my phone. The app and mobile website just don’t give me the same experience. A charger is number one on my to “need to buy” list, so hopefully my hiatus won’t last too long.

Later lovebugs, I’ll try to return with something fabulous to make up for my absence.

I Caved

Since moving out 10 months ago and being on my own and paying my own bills, I lost the luxury of spending money on myself. I have to budget like crazy to stay on top of things, so I’ve cut back on a lot of things. The number one being my complete obsession with Bath […]